A Kelley Davis Photography Senior Representative or 'Senior Rep' is a current High School senior who exclusively represents Kelley Davis Photography during their senior year as a #kelleydavissenior. Beyond your regular senior portrait session, you get to participate in several fun, styled mini sessions with other local area seniors and have the opportunity to travel on the yearly styled shoot as well as a chance at a $500 scholarship!

Every year we add something more to the list of fun things we participate in and every girl says they have a blast and say it's one of the most memorable parts of their senior year. In 2020, Senior rep Elizabeth and I traveled to Palm Springs California for a fun senior shootout event. Want to know more? VIP emails are sent out in the fall of your junior year and sign ups begin in the spring. We start shooting in the summer before senior year so make sure you get signed up and grab a spot!


Send an email to kelleydavisphotography@yahoo.com to find out more information!